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Who is George Burk?

In 1998, Captain George Burk's USAF (Ret.) story of his experience as a plane crash and burn survivor, The Bridge Never Crossed–A Survivor’s Search for Meaning, generated an outburst of praise from everyone who read it. On May 4, 1970, George was the sole survivor of 14 Air Force personnel in a military plane crash. He suffered extensive burns, and multiple internal injuries. This motivational speaker and author returns with another book presenting many of the lessons and principles of life learned as a survivor and "overcomer".

George Burk is a highly decorated military officer and public servant who presently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, trainer and writer whose mission is to “entertain, inform, inspire and persuade. “
As a plane crash and burn survivor, George Burk shares with you his experiences, principles, and values you can use on your journey; they are valid and work because George uses them in his own life.

Whether you are a professional immersed in a search for organizational change, excellence, and quality im-provement, or an individual looking for ways to improve your personal life, you will find invaluable information in Value-Centered Leadership—A Survivor’s Strategy for Personal and Professional Growth.

In a refreshingly straightforward and sometimes humorous style, George Burk shares his unique insights and perspectives into effective leadership, meaningful change, core values, and what it takes to be an effective leader. He offers the suggestion, based on his unique experiences, that for any change to be effective, it must be sequential, that is inside out—not outside in.

George writes that life is filled with joy and adversity. It is adversity which is part of life’s test, which makes us stronger. These adversities include obstacles, challenges and sufferings. He shares with you the idea that failure is not falling down, but staying down. In Value-Centered Leadership, the reader will learn the importance of a positive attitude, and how honesty, integrity and the deeply imbedded desire to live play in a person's journey through life.

George takes the example of Jesus and how He took a disorganized staff of twelve "employees" and built them into an organization that still exists 2,000 years later. The principles Jesus used to secure the apostle's commitment and enrollment is still valid today. George has also in-cluded "Chapter Checkpoints," which are thoughtful questions that help focus your thinking, plan your approach, and challenge you to "benchmark" some issues you may have forgotten. The chapter’s checkpoints can also help enhance team effectiveness and team productivity with dynamic outcomes.

Perhaps there are people in your life you have not thanked in awhile, patted on the back, or with whom you have lost touch. Value-Centered Leadership seeks to remind you of what is truly important and challenges you to appreciate what and who you have.

Value-Centered Leadership is a simple, profound, and fresh approach to effectively lead others to be self-motivated. This book will provide ways to establish core values while leading yourself and others.

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Captain George A. Burk USAF (Ret.)
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The Author, George Burk, is donating the proceeds from the sale of this book to the New York Firefighter's Burn Center Foundation.

Value-Centered LeadershipValue-Centered Leadership—A Survivor’s Strategy for Personal and Professional Growth.
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Also by George Burk

Copyright © 1998-2000 George Burk • 170 pages • paperback • $16.95 plus shipping
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The Bridge Never Crossed

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